Hate reading long bios? Just read this …

My favourite word is the F-Word – FUN

(Wait a minute … what F word were you thinking about?).  Seriously!

As you can tell I take an unconventional approach to learning focusing on fun, colour, enjoyment and making things as practical and relevant as possible to make sure that key learnings make it back to the workplace.

What is it that I facilitate? Great question!

I have my fingers in many pies, but my 3 core areas are *drumroll please*
Diversity & Inclusion, Train-The-Trainer (or Coach) and Agile
And if that sounds like an eclectic mix of things that shouldn’t go together and make no sense  you’re going to have to read the rest of my bio to find out why and how it all came about. To confuse you even further I sometimes even dabble in some Management & Leadership bits … but that’s a story for another day.

Intrigued? Now I’ve got you! Scroll down for more!

Many, many years ago (after the dinosaurs but before Facebook was launched) I started my career in Consultancy.

I joined a Big 4 firm and worked in a client-facing role on large-scale transformational technology change projects. So if you’re wondering where all my qualifications in Project Management, Agile, Lean and even Software Testing come from it would be from this experience.

Dana Begins …

 One day a secondment to the Learning & Development Team was advertised. I applied and got the role and the rest as they say is history. The second I held my first box of scented markers, and stood next to a blank flipchart in front of a classroom of learners I fell in love. I never went back to my client-facing role.

Dana Trains …

I started off designing and facilitating technical training mostly centred on Agile. But as time went on I was designing and delivering professional skills (what some call the ‘soft skills’) as well. Next thing you know, I was training and coaching the next generation of facilitators into their roles, inspiring a love for the work.

Dana Evolves …

At some point I also became an activist. I helped set up the BAME network, lobbied for Women in Tech, consulted on improvements to the selection process in support of diversity, and eventually led the firm’s Mentoring Scheme which boosted diversity in hiring by introducing youth from underprivileged backgrounds to the firm.

So there you have it! Three loves that became three areas of specialism. Agile from my original career, Train-The-Trainer from my time developing others and Diversity and Inclusion because I’m passionate about it and it makes my heart sing.

Should I choose one to specialise in? I’m sure many would say I should. But I worked so hard for all my Agile qualifications I can’t bear to see them go to naught. And I love seeing others flourish as new facilitators and coaches. And don’t even get started on Diversity & Inclusion. If I didn’t do that work – I wouldn’t be me. So for the time being it’s a bit of all three.

Whatever I do, I bring my brand – energy, passion and enthusiasm to every session. I don’t believe in “dry” content that can’t be brought to life. I remain convinced that learning can be made engaging, colourful and even fun. And I’ve made it my life’s mission to make that true.