I love working with clients to really understand the best way I can help them. With over 10 years’ experience in multi-faceted roles, I am able to apply my knowledge and expertise in different ways to provide you with the help you need, in a clear and concise way. Email me at hello@diversitydana.com with what you’re looking for and we can discuss your needs.

However, I do understand that sometimes you need to know what you are looking for, so here are some of the things I can help you with:

Services - Training and Education

Training and Education

While training isn’t the answer to all the issues of inclusion it’s a great start. Training for me is about moving past just understanding concepts and focusing on the doing. It’s about sharing practical tips and giving you a toolkit so you can use these tips in real life. Each session will be dependent on what you need, but here are some recent topics I have covered with my clients – Tackling Unconscious Bias, Microaggressions, Speaking Up, The Art of Allyship, Anti-racism, Anti-Blackness and Listening Circles.

Services - Senior Leadership Coaching

Senior Leadership Coaching

In times of upheaval and stress, staff look upward to their leaders. But leaders can often feel tension and worry about showing up and getting it right (even though there really is no perfection in inclusion work). Sometimes you need a sounding board, a safe space, to ask questions, to cement your own learning and approach. I help to create that space.

Focus Groups

Sometimes in order to be able to shape an environment where everyone can thrive and feel a sense of belonging, organisations need to understand what the starting point is. Where are they now? What experiences are people and teams having? What things need to be tackled as a priority? I help organisations get these answers by running surveys and focus groups, analysing the data and reporting on and communicating the results.

Strategy and Policy Building, Review or Updates

Strategy and Policy Building, Review or Updates

I can help organisations build their policy and strategy for the first time or help them refresh what they’re already working with. I make sure there is clarity on what the right policies and strategies are and the difference between good and poor practice (and what things to avoid). I help the organisation find (or re-find) it’s voice by helping them find a style that appeals to them and a voice that is theirs.

Services - Process Audit & Review

Process Audit & Review

Sometimes what you need is a fresh set of eyes to look at your processes and see where bias is creeping in, to help you identify the things are getting in the way of creating an organisation reflective of the world around us. I immerse myself in the organisation, getting first-hand experience of your processes as an outsider. From there, I can then help develop an action plan to address whatever the findings are and help implement the actions.

Services - Best Practice Sharing

Best Practice Sharing

Just need some advice on what you’re planning, to see if you’ve got everything covered? I can help. We can talk through your ideas; you can ask me questions and I will give fair and honest feedback based on my years of expertise. These sessions can be 1 hour or 4 hours, depending on what you need.

Services - Conference and Keynote Speaker

Conference or keynote speaker

This is pretty self-explanatory! If you’re hosting an event and are looking for a knowledgeable speaker on any of the above topics, I can definitely help. Please get in touch with details on what you’re planning, and I can share how I can add my skills.