Hit For Six – A Story About Cricket & Inclusion

Has someone ever told you a story that stays with you, long after the conversation is over? A story that makes you pause, makes you think, makes you see the world differently? The story I’m about to share is one of those for me. I heard it in October last year and it’s still rolling [...]

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Dana looks for Street Wisdom

A few months ago I decided to enrol myself in a Street Wisdom experience. What’s Street Wisdom? It’s a process that helps you look for wisdom, like the answer to a question, from the environment around you. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really go in expecting any answers. It was more about curiosity, and [...]

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Dana Shares Some New Year Motivation – Part 1 The Graduate

One of the things I do to give back, is work as a coach helping graduate students uncover what they want to do post-graduation and, once they've figured that out, working with them towards securing a role in a company that would help them fulfil their ambitions. My very first graduate coaching client came [...]

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Dana’s New Year Un-Resolution: The Networking Challenge

If we’ve met in-person you’ll probably be surprised at what I’m going to write next. Here it is: I hate networking! How could that be true? I’m bubbly, the life and soul of the party, always smiling, always laughing, full of energy, engaging, and love a chat ... but that's with people I know, or [...]

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