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Dana is a unique voice in the Diversity & Inclusion space. Down – to – earth and relatable she makes a complex and emotive subject easier to digest and simpler to understand. Her passionate storytelling and the sharing of lived experiences, often with a humorous edge bring the subjects to life. She is also a pro at giving clarity on practical actions that can be taken right away to start your inclusion and belonging journey.

Karlene Carlton, Senior Strategic Program Manager at Freddie Mac
Dana ran a session on inclusion and allyship for our think tank. The session was pitched perfectly for the audience and was received with a lot of enthusiasm by those who attended. Dana’s delivery was engaging, funny, and authoritative throughout. I would highly recommend her for this kind of session, no matter what unique circumstances you believe your organization presents!
Katie Thorpe, Learning and Development Manager at Institute for Government
Getting Diversity & Inclusion training pitched right and key messages across is notoriously difficult but Dana smashed it. The sessions helped tackle head-on some cultural change issues and built the confidence of the managers to drive these forward. The sessions were hands-on, practical, and interactive, with lots of discussion, opportunities for the participants to work together, learn from each other and important to listen to and understand different viewpoints and cultures.
Averil Price, Corporate Director at Wealden DC
Dana doesn’t only bring bags of energy and passion to everything she does, she also brings a huge heart, an open and non – judgemental perspective and ‘smarts’ that put her in what I think of as an elite group of exceptional thought leaders and mentors that I keep coming back to for better answers, different and enabling frames of reference and a shining example of the coaching principal ‘continuous positive regard’ for people.
Paul Brown, Change Agent and Coach at Brown Paper Coaching


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