Any Strictly fans out there? ⁣

For my non-UK friends, Strictly Come Dancing is the UK version of Dancing With The Stars. Celebrities are paired with ballroom stars and they compete against each other to win the coveted Glitterball Trophy.⁣

My husband and I love it! It’s our guilty pleasure. We get so into it and make time to watch together. ⁣

Last night on Strictly was a BIG night. For the first time ever, a same sex couple debuted on the show. Double Olympic gold winning boxer Nicola Adams danced with pro Katya Jones. And they were electric. ⁣

I found myself feeling overwhelmed and emotional witnessing that slice of history. And yes I know that it’s just a TV show but being able to see yourself reflected on TV and in the wider world around you is important. ⁣

The show is on the BBC and it airs before the watershed. The message being that this isn’t taboo and it’s normal – because hell it really is!!!!!⁣

Nicola Adams OBE is a Black, gay, neurodiverse, domestic abuse surviving champion, role model and a trailblazer in sport – but also when it comes to unapologetically living life on her terms. ⁣

It is my honour to celebrate her for Black History Month.