Who is Paula Mae Weekes? I’ll tell you. She’s the current President of my country Trinidad & Tobago. Our first female President. ⁣

If you’re reading this (& not from a Caribbean background) please let me know in the comments if today is the first time you’ve heard of her. It would be interesting for me to get a sense check on this. ⁣

Her background is in the law where she has had an amazing career. She worked for the Director of Public Prosecutions in Trinidad before starting a private practice. She later joined the judiciary and Court of Appeals and for a short time served as Chief Justice. ⁣

I am honoured to be able to tell a little of her story. I remember the day she took office. I was surprised by how emotional I felt and how proud. I devoured all the newspaper coverage of her and just kept bubbling over with joy. ⁣

It’s Black History Month and I want to do many things across the month. When this month rolls around I feel like there are the same stories shared and the same people highlighted year on year. ⁣

I want to use my platform to showcase those from the community who aren’t as known and share a bit about them. I’m Trinidadian and I make no apologies for the Caribbean slant that my showcase will take. ⁣

I also want to showcase joy and happiness and beauty in the black community to counteract the negativity in the media and some of the narrative. Some of this will be pics of me. Some of wider society. ⁣

Will I manage to post every day? I’m sure going to try! ⁣