lovemyjobIf you had asked me in university, about my perfect career, I would never have answered  “Trainer”. I don’t think anyone goes to university with that career in mind. But the first time I stepped into a classroom, in my very first session I knew it was what I was meant to be doing.

It happened by chance. I was a Management Trainee (paid intern) and my then rotation was in Customer Service. I was asked to design and develop a weekly training session for the Customer Services Team to bring them best practice, inspire and motivate. It was called “Knowledge Corner” and it was brand new. It was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, eager and thrilled about my chance to own, deliver something and prove myself in my first real job.

I remember agonising over the content and format. And I also remember that the morning of the first session I felt sick to my stomach because the session was meant for people already actively working in Customer Services for months and years when I had been working in Customer Services for … a mere matter of weeks. I didn’t know how they would respond, if they would appreciate it, how it would be received and if I could teach them anything.

But what stands out the most about that day is stepping out in front of the group with all the eyes on me and feeling excitement, electricity – but strangely in the middle of all of that, peace and calm. And minus the sickness (you’ll be glad to know), it has always been that way for every session.

While I didn’t plan for or imagine this, Training found me. It’s my true passion and so I am nothing but excited about the chance to grow and develop and spend time doing what I love.