Dana the Diversity Detective

Dana was hired to get to the root of why a technology consultancy with a workforce that was over 95% male was having trouble recruiting and retaining female team members compared to their competitors. Find out more about it here.

Dana the Agile HR Panellist

Dana was a panellist for the Agile HR Community discussion “Why Resilient Cultures are Inclusive Cultures”. She had a chance to share real-life case studies and discuss building psychologically safe and inclusive cultures alongside Agile techniques that help companies adapt faster and make better decisions, as well as identify new market opportunities and build a more engaged workplace. View the recording here.

Dana the Lean Agile Conference Featured Speaker

Dana has been selected to present a session at 2020’s Lean Agile Conference. She’s chosen the topic “Leaning into Agile to Cope with a Crisis” which gives a chance to peek behind the scenes of a range of organisations of different sizes, across industry groups who embraced Lean and Agile principles and practices to transform their businesses during the pandemic. If you book, you’ll hear her tell their tales of tears and triumph, frustration and fearlessness and listen to key lessons and takeaways expressed in their own words before seeing the end results.

Dana the Small Business Diversity Champion

Dana has been helping small businesses get comfortable talking about and advocating for diversity and inclusion on their public platforms. She designed and continues to deliver a series of light-hearted sessions that take a close look at social media darlings and social media fails when it comes to diversity.

Dana The Podcast Guest

Dana appeared on The Small Fish, Big Pod podcast discussing the journey to becoming Dana The Trainer, what it’s like to run and manage a small business and all things diversity and inclusion. It’s now live! Click here to listen!

Dana the CIPD Panellist

Dana was a panellist for for CIPD’s Diversity & Inclusion Question Time. The theme was Beyond Intent as the aim of the event was to challenge HR practitioners to focus on the evidence behind the efforts to address Diversity & Inclusion and to consider what’s really working, and why. As part of the panel, Dana helped answer “How can we be sure that what we are doing in the D&I space is having a positive impact?”

Dana the Mama

Dana gave birth to twins in March 2019, and told her birth story to the team at Huffington Post. It’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about her. But in case you’re interested, here’s a link!