The first inkling I had that something was not right on Friday was the persistent buzzing on my wrist of calls and messages coming in. But I was in the classroom in the middle of a training session, so I needed to wait for my morning break to check in.

Another terror attack – this time on the London Underground.

In Trinidad I have a very big family, so they were all waking up to the news and making sure that I was okay. But in addition to the messages from relatives & friends was an email from a company I freelance for, and not full time – sporadically.

There were requests for everyone in the London office to email in to confirm they were safe. The first appeal was from our Senior VP. The second was from the CEO himself. And while I was in session, apparently everyone had confirmed … except me. So first they followed up with an email just to me and then they called and then there were multiple text messages, all geared at making sure that I was ok.

When I replied I got a response back immediately – “Phew. We were worried. So glad you were safe.” And right after that an e-mail went out to the entire team letting everyone know that we were all safe and well.

It wasn’t a box ticking exercise. It was actual concern – for me, because even though I’m not there all the time, or even that regularly, I’m part of the team.

Some of you reading this, especially those in permanent roles might be thinking this is normal. But, those of you who are freelancers like me (especially those of us freelancers who work in different locations, with a range of companies and not for the same company or team for long stretches) know that this life can be isolating.

Emergn may not appear on any of the published “Best Places to Work” lists, but for me they definitely are. I can honestly say that I have never had this sense of family and caring anywhere I’ve ever worked before. And I feel this every time I work with them.

I’m Dana The Trainer, sure. But I’m also Dana, Team Emergn. I may be a lone wolf, but I also have a tribe.


My heart is with all those affected by the attack on the London Underground and I hope for a speedy recovery for all.