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Welcome to Dana The Trainer’s Musical Motivation Mondays

Anyone who has been in a Dana The Trainer session knows that I love music. I manage to incorporate music somehow into every session I facilitate.

My playlist is vast and extensive and even includes some songs that I love, but I can never play in the classroom because of lyrical content.

One day I had the brilliant idea to share some of the music that pumps me up, motivates me and makes me feel alive.

And just like that – Musical Motivation Mondays was born.

Every week on a Monday I’ll be sharing a quote from a song on my playlist on social media and then coming here to give a little bit more background to the song and link to video and lyrics for those who may not be so familiar. This page will serve as an archive of all the music I’ve featured.

If there are any songs that motivate you specifically please feel free to share. Tweet me, slide into my DMs – or drop me an e-mail at 



Week 4 – Overnight Success

You probably thought “What a throwback!” when you saw this week's Musical Motivation Monday from Gladys Knight, but it just goes to show that I really do have an eclectic taste in music. This is a song I grew up listening to. When I hear it, it makes me think of relaxing Sundays at [...]

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Week 3 – Ridin’ Solo

This week's Monday Motivation is from Jason Derulo. It's a song I never play in the classroom because I didn't download the radio edit, and the word "sh*t" features quite a lot. Oops! It's a song about getting over a breakup, finding who you are again, pulling yourself together and moving from strength to strength. [...]

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Week 2 – We Not Giving Up!

I'm making today's post from my childhood home, in San Fernando, in Trinidad. I'm here having a bit of a vacation and relaxation and to see my friends and family. In honour of my location today's Musical Motivation Monday is going to have some Trinidadian flavour. Soca music is part of Caribbean culture. The soca [...]

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Week 1 – How Far I’ll Go

First up on Musical Mondays is one of my favourite songs. It might surprise you. I love Disney movies, and of the recent releases, Moana is one of my favourites. I get goosebumps in the big scene where she gives back the heart of Te Fiti. I love the entire soundtrack, but the song that [...]

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