Sceptics may say that unicorns are beings of myth.
But at Dana The Trainer we don’t think that’s true.
That’s why we’ve made the unicorn our mascot!

Unicorns are magical, legendary, out of the ordinary – and they bring joy to everyone. Is it any surprise then, that we made them our mascot? After all – that’s the kind of learning experience we aim to provide.

In folklore, unicorns are synonymous with purity, nobility, power, courage and an unrivalled sense of strength. So, really when you think about it, we all should be striving to be as unicorns are.

Yes, our mascot is better than your mascot!

Since our fans have found out about our unicorn obsession, lots of unicorn-inspired parcels have been arriving at HQ. See a selection below as we keep adding to our collection.