Dana Shares Some New Year Motivation – Part 1 The Graduate

One of the things I do to give back, is work as a coach helping graduate students uncover what they want to do post-graduation and, once they've figured that out, working with them towards securing a role in a company that would help them fulfil their ambitions. My very first graduate coaching client came [...]

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Dana Hits A Graphic Facilitation Milestone!

It's Facilitation Week and I have been reflecting on my facilitation journey this year because I have made leaps and bounds in the sphere of graphic or visual facilitation this year! At the start of the year, I truly believed I couldn't draw. Then I went on some training and found my confidence. Since [...]

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What’s stopping you from getting started on your Agile journey?

Last September I started an amazing journey with the Civil Service Fast Stream. What's the Civil Service Fast Stream? Glad you asked! It's basically the government's graduate scheme and it's one of the highest rated graduate ...

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