This week’s Monday Motivation is from Jason Derulo. It’s a song I never play in the classroom because I didn’t download the radio edit, and the word “sh*t” features quite a lot. Oops!

It’s a song about getting over a breakup, finding who you are again, pulling yourself together and moving from strength to strength. It’s about loving yourself enough to “ride solo” – hang out by yourself. But a breakup doesn’t always have to refer to a relationship. A breakup could be a separation from, a letting go of toxic  in your life. So it always applies.

For me it’s a wonderful wake up song, and a song for days when you might be feeling low. The song opens in a wonderful way “I’m feeling like a star. You can’t stop my shine!” Sometimes that’s all I need to hear to feel powerful and together. I also love the lines, “I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out, I’m moving on. I’m so sorry but it’s over now, the pain is gone.” It’s a great way to be open to new things. A little sorry, but with forward energy.

Interested? Lyrics are here and you can listen to the song here.