You probably thought “What a throwback!” when you saw this week’s Musical Motivation Monday from Gladys Knight, but it just goes to show that I really do have an eclectic taste in music.

This is a song I grew up listening to. When I hear it, it makes me think of relaxing Sundays at home when I was growing up. These are songs that my mum would be listening to on the radio when she was cooking Sunday lunch.

I don’t want to sound like a grandma or a great grandma, but let me just say … “Too many songs nowadays don’t have any good lyrical content”. Ok I’ll put my walking stick and dentures away now.

This  is a song that doesn’t have this problem. You can see the lyrics here and hear the song here. The words have stuck with me as I have navigated my own life and business. My favourite lines are:

“You look at me and you think it’s been so easy. Things that you want, they should have been here yesterday. Well, that is not the way it happened I worked hard for my respect …”

I think that especially in today’s environment with people living their lives on social media, it’s so easy to compare and benchmark yourselves against others.   Too often we look at other people’s lives (what they show us of their lives anyway) with envy and wonder when that will be coming for us and when it will be our turn. Really we need to stop comparing, keep working hard, and be open to our own path and our own blessings.

The song also says “some will last and some will burn out too fast”. You want to be one of those who lasts. So remember …