Let me tell you about a time where I felt absolutely, totally, untouchably cool. A couple years ago at a friend’s wedding “U Can’t Touch This” came on (what an epic DJ!) and something came over me. I was on the far end of the dance floor, and the next thing you know I was Hammer shuffling across to the other side of the room alone. When I turned around at the other end of the dance floor, I realised that other wedding guests had run onto the dance floor to join me. Then, synchronised with me to the front, we Hammer shuffled as a group back across the room. And then again, and then again. It was AMAZING!!!! I literally started a movement. People were high-fiving me at the end of the song. And yes, we had all had many many drinks, but I still count it as a win.

What is a Hammer shuffle? I can’t believe you’re asking that! Go here and watch the music video. The magic you’re seeing at 1:57 is the Hammer shuffle. It’s iconic.

I loved “U Can’t Touch This” it in my youth. I mean, who didn’t? But I think I must have forgotten about it until that point. Since that wedding though, it has been on my playlist. It always makes me smile. It always hypes me up and fills me with positive energy. I love it.

So do me a favour this week. Any moment that you’re feeling down, maybe having a crisis of confidence, or if someone is disrupting your chi – go look at yourself in the mirror and say “U Can’t Touch This!”. Because you are untouchable – and really, nobody can ever come close to matching the you-ness of you!