True Talk: It’s tough getting back into the swing of things after taking time off for maternity leave!

Last year I started using my “Keep In Touch” days to start discovering what it would feel like to get back to work again very slowly and with very trusted clients.

I was so nervous. Nervous that I would have baby brain and forget what I was going to say. Worried that I forgot how to be Dana The Trainer. Nervous that my kids would miss me and be inconsolable for the day while I was away and I would feel incredibly guilty. And strangely enough, at the same time, also nervous that they would have had so much fun and been so fine they would not have missed me at all. Worried that they would be angry when I got back or that years from now they would be in therapy talking about feelings of abandonment from when their mother left them to go back to work when they were babies. I worried about it all!

So much anxiety and self-doubt that I needed a theme tune to hype me up, energise me, give me the power that I needed to face the world and be Dana The Trainer. Enter Lizzo and her song Juice. Song here and lyrics here. I started listening to it every day and it was like putting on a suit of armour.

Lizzo reminded me that I have the juice. Inside me. I love learning and facilitation and my passion for it comes from within.

I get in front of a classroom and it just is. It’s who I am. There’s no need to worry and no need to be anxious. And my boys will also be fine, because in addition to having the Trainer Juice, I now also have the Mama Juice!

So, am I back? Yes I am. And might I be “The Baddest B of L&D”? Probably!