It seems like every time I browse social media these days I see one of *those* posts. You know the ones. They say things like “Write that novel! Launch that business! Work on your side hustle! Take that course!” Because we’re in this time of coronavirus lockdown and allegedly people now have all this “free” time between trying to fit in exercise, food shopping, cooking, keeping on top of domestic chores and for those who have kids – homeschooling and wrangling kids.

Here’s my take:

It’s absolutely fine if you can and feel you want to do all the things. But in the same breath if you just don’t want to or if you’re just in survival mode, don’t let other people make you feel bad about and badger you into adding more onto your plate that you can’t handle. That’s how people burnout.

I’ve been consciously keeping myself away from all of that pressure and using this period to do what I can and what I choose. And this is coming from me, a person who loves to (as my wonderful sister says) – “do the most”. At the start of the period I found I needed lots of time to just readjust, recover and reset. It’s busy being me! I really do do all the things. I found myself enjoying just being with my family and having more time with them, enjoying my daily walks, taking joy in cooking and having a more relaxed pace, and also watching Ally McBeal which I had never watched from the very start. Now I’ve balanced it with virtual classroom sessions and remote coaching, but only things that don’t take too much away from the oasis of peace that I have built.

And across this period there has been a song that has become my mantra. It’s Jennifer Hudson’s Whatever Makes You Happy. You can hear it here and see the lyrics here. It’s from the TV show Empire that I was crazily into at one point, but haven’t watched in eons. Maybe I should put it back on my list! But I digress. The message is, like the song says – if you can, please focus on doing whatever makes you happy.

Try not to let what everyone else is doing or saying you should do to creep in, and do just whatever makes YOU happy!

If you come out of this period feeling healthy and happy mentally, emotionally and even physically you’re winning! And maybe you will write that book, and launch a new business and do all the things. But there’s no reason why it all has to happen right this second … unless of course YOU want it to.